About us

Who we are?

OM Foundation Foundation is a non-government organization that is driven and task oriented by the youth with one common interest, structured around social issues like :


OM Foundation was established in the year 2011 by a group of around 7 friends indulged in various social activities, it Official got its Registration & Recognition in the year 2015 whereby several activities were taken up by the Youth of Mulund & Ghatkopar, under the guidance of its founder Mr. BRIJ BHANUSHALI who himself is a huge animal and environment lover.


The name OM Foundation is derived from the name of the
Creator of Universe – Lord Shiva.

It symbolizes “KARMA, POWER & PEACE” and is also the purest word in the universe. Our founder strongly believes in this Famous Saying that “Kindness is one of the greatest gift you can bestow upon another.” And intends to do good deeds along with Team OM that leads to future happiness of the society. OM Foundation aims at helping the society as much as it can.


  • To provide free medical assistance for animals & birds
  • To propagate the need for tree plantation & environmental awareness
  • To ensure that under privileged children have bright future & achieve their goals
  • To bring in positive change in the present scenario in the field of education & health for the needy people.


  • To Grow & Develop our Organization to help meet the society’s needs.
  • Safeguarding & Providing Food to Stray Animals & Birds.
  • We firmly believe in Adapting Souls with Love & Care rather than Buying & Selling.
  • Motivating people to indulge in creating a Healthy Environment for our Future Generations.
  • Spreading Education to Inculcate Ethics & to change their vision towards Society, making them a Responsible Person.


  • We the members of Om Foundation strongly believe that change begins from within, which will make Earth a better place to Live.
  • Helping government to indirectly reach to the needy people.
  • To create various means for providing medical assistance to stray animals & birds.
  • Flexible in adapting basic needs of helpless people & animal .